Stacie Stern sat with the Ransom brothers at her father’s funeral. Seth, the oldest, was to her left, Jake, the middle brother, to the right, and Grant, the youngest, was behind her. Stacie had been cooking and cleaning house for the brothers for over three years, since she had graduated high school. It was a good job and she was lucky to have it. Work in the small town was hard to come by, and the brothers were good to her and her dad.
Now it was just her. Her father’s long battle with cancer was over and he could rest now. Stacie didn’t know it yet, but her battle was just beginning.
The reading of the will was done and Stacie was still stunned. It was gone, everything, gone. The hospital bills took all of her dad’s insurance money and she was going to have to sell the house to pay the remainder. She was left with nothing but her clothes and the contents of the house. Everything had been in her dad’s name, the house and the cars. The attorney had told her she had thirty days after the death of her dad to have everything out of the house and that both cars would have to be sold along with the house. That day was today.
The Ransom brothers had been nice enough to help her get everything out of her home and were letting her stay in one of the extra rooms on the ranch. It made sense. She was there all the time, anyway.
The brothers had been very supportive of her and her father. They had let her take all the time off she needed to be with him and had offered to pay for anything she needed. Seth, the oldest, was tall, six feet seven inches, with dark-brown hair and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He had taken her aside one day after the reading of the will and offered to pay all the hospital debts so that she could keep the house. Her men were amazing.
Stacie had refused. She could never let them do something like that. She didn’t want to say anything, but she was enjoying her time at the house and being with all of them.
All of the men had been very attentive to her, making sure she had everything she needed and she was never alone. One of them was always in the house with her. If she stayed in her home, she would be alone, all alone.
Right now, they were getting what she wanted and needed from the house before it was to be sold. They planned on putting what she wanted in her room at the ranch, and the rest could be stored in the barn until she needed it.
Stacie was still in a state of shock. She had expected her father’s death, but she knew she could never really be prepared. It had been just the two of them for so long, and now she was alone.
Her mother had left when Stacie was a baby. Her mom had been very young when Stacie was born and hadn’t wanted the responsibility of a child. She had left her with her father when Stacie was just six months old. One night she went for dinner with a friend and didn’t come back. Over the years, she had contacted Stacie’s dad periodically looking for money and had tried to see Stacie a few times, but not very often.

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