Heroes of the Heart

Nadine woke in a dark room. For a minute she didn’t remember what had happened. Slowly it came back to her. She couldn’t believe she had been so fucking stupid. Only stupid girls let themselves get kidnapped. Her father had told her that over and over. He had been part of a victim recovery unit working for the FBI until he took a bullet meant for the young man he was trying to rescue.
When her dad had been able to be home with them, he had spent hours teaching her and her sister, Pricilla how not to become a victim. He would be so disappointed in her. She had been so damn stupid. She knew how to keep herself safe and had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book.
She tried to move and found that her hands and legs were tied or fastened to something, and she couldn’t move. Her mouth was really dry, and she was cold. Very cold.
Nadine had been on her way home from work when she saw the car parked on the side of the road. She knew better than to stop, but when she saw the woman with three small children standing on the side of the busy highway, she couldn’t pass them by. She tried to call for help on her phone before she got out of her car, but the signal was dead. Pulling over on the side of the busy road was difficult. She had to wait a few minutes before she got out of her car, which made what happened next even more unthinkable.

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