Club de Fleurs

Club de Fleurs: Jenna

Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, spanking, paddling, flogging, erotic piercing, sex toys, HEA] When Jenna Crane met Kyle Masters she thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Kyle fell in love with Jenna at first sight. After Jenna was almost hurt in his club and then kidnapped, could Kyle ever keep Jenna safe, or would the best thing be to let her go and spend his life being miserable? Would Kyle's self doubts keep these two apart? Jenna knew she couldn't live without Kyle, but how to convince him of that? With the help of their friends would these two ever get back together? ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Chapter One

Kyle. His name was Kyle, unless they were at the club, then she was to call him Sir, or Master Kyle. A little shiver went down her back just thinking of him and where he was taking her tonight. There were so many rules she needed to remember in this new world she would be exploring with him tonight. What had she gotten herself into? Sadie, who knew Kyle from the club, had told her that Kyle would be good for her and had introduced them. Sadie was a bit of a matchmaker and had been trying to fix Jenna up with someone for several years. Usually the guys she found were pretty lame. So far, Kyle was a perfect gentleman, not lame at all, and he made her hotter than hell.
Jenna thought back to the first date she had had with Kyle. They had talked on the phone for hours before she agreed to let him pick her up at her house. When he knocked on the door, she was so nervous she almost got sick.
Opening the door, she was stunned. “Hi,” she said. “You must be Kyle. Do you want to come in a minute?” Wow, she thought, he’s gorgeous.
“Hi,” he said back. “Yes, I’ll come in.” And he handed her a bouquet of flowers. He looked as nervous as she felt.
Taking a deep breath, Jenna smiled and took the flowers. “Thank you, they’re beautiful. Let me put these in water and we can go.” She took the flowers to the kitchen and found a vase for them. Collecting herself, she took the flowers and vase back to the living room and Kyle.
“I’m ready.” She smiled at him.
He helped her with her jacket and, taking her keys from her, guided her out the door. Locking the door for her, he pocketed her keys and escorted her to a cute little sports car.
They went for dinner and had a great time talking and laughing. After dinner, they drove for a while and talked. They discovered that they both enjoyed being outdoors and had an interest in baseball and hockey. Kyle promised to take her to some of the home games. Finally, they parked in a spot overlooking the city lights and Kyle put the top on the car down.
Kyle pulled her into his arms and they cuddled, watching the lights. After what seemed like hours, Kyle turned her and kissed her, slowly building the heat. He slowly drifted one hand down and cupped her breast through her top, rubbing his hand over her nipple.
When he eventually broke the kiss, they were both breathless. “I better take you home,” he said with a sigh.
“I guess,” she answered breathlessly. Wow, she thought. They had spent hours together after that first night and had gone to dinner and gone driving several more times. Tonight he was taking her to the club.
Sadie was Jenna’s best friend. They were complete opposites. Jenna was tall and curvy and Sadie was short and petite, five foot nothing and ninety-eight pounds. Jenna felt like an Amazon next to her. Jenna had known Sadie for fifteen years, since middle school, and not even her mother knew her better. Kyle was what she needed, or so Sadie had told her. What Jenna had been looking for. Her man…Master…Sir.

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